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We are a small team of Yogis and technologist based in Mumbai, India. Our interest and skills include Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana meditation and science of Yoga. Currently we are developing courses and content for this website in consultation with some of the most reputed Gurus of India. Awesome Yogis around the globe are learning and teaching physical aspects of Yoga i.e. Asanans and Pranayams. We aim to develop a superior platform for all the Yogis on our planet to gain authentic, easy to learn scientific and philosophical knowledge on Yoga, Meditation and Vedic Living, to supplement their daily practice of asanas. Being a small team, we might not be able to reply to your queries immediately. Please feel free to use our discussion forum. Gradually we will open up other modes of communication.

Yoga is a science which our ancestors discoverd through rigorous work and hardship. As a science, Yoga is very much in league of all modern sciences that we discuss today, like nuclear or space science, probably more profound then any of these. We as a civilization are fortunate enough to recieve this knowledge in such usable form. Compare it to the case when Buddha began his spiritual journey, it took him over 5 years of hard work just to re-discover the path. Due to diligent work of many great gurus in last few centuries, especially in last 125 years, we have this ancient knowledge in a form which we can readily use. We at RealmOfJoy aim to use technology to make available this magnificient universal knowledge to everyone across the globe.

We request you to share your suggestions.
For any pressing issue, you can mail us at hello@realmofjoy.com, however we may not be able to respond immediately.

Team RealmOfJoy